Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sad Story

Just got back from the cancer institute where I had the dressing changed on my PICC line. Things are healing pretty good.

Last night I watched Farrah's Story ... Farrah Fawcett's struggle with anal cancer. Though she put up a strong fight, it sounds like cancer has gotten the upper hand.

It is a very moving and sad story and I must admit, I shed a few tears. Though Farrah knows she has terminal cancer, I think she thought she could beat it. As a person with stage 4 cancer, I too have a hard time believing this could kill me ... it is just a very difficult concept to comprehend.

Today is quite warm but heavy snow is predicted for next week. Sheesh!


Carolyn R. Parsons said...

I missed Farrah's story. My father never thought he would die right up until his last cognitive moment and said so often. He was a sincere and honest man, he wasn't denying it, or in denial, he just didn't believe he would.


Michelle said...

Oh Daria. My mum says she keeps waiting for them to tell her they got the files mixed up.

This disease is a bitch!

Love to you


Sherry said...

Ah Daria. I think that is the hope of everyone...diagnosed at every stage of this disease...that we WILL beat it. And hope. We always have to keep hope.

Remember...every cancer is different and Farrah's is different from breast cancer..but still, it is the will to live, to best something as insidious as cancer.

Still. We feel for others who are on the journey with us in ways that we might never have before. And I'm always reminded of the expression, "there but for the grace of God go I..."

Bless you for your heart!

Roxanne said...

Daria, I'm sending you some Florida sunshine to brighten your spirits and warm your heart. We will never give up our hope!!

Sara Diana said...

I think Farrah told her story following on from GB's Jade Goody who died recently. She was an amazing 27 year old with two young children, vibrant, funny, always smiling. She decided to televise her fight against cervical cancer in order to raise awareness and to raise money to leave to her little boys. She has already managed to get the cervical screening age lowered in this country.

Although she died, she has inspired me to fight this disease.

Jade didn't get her cancer diagnosed until it had gone too far.

She lived with hope of a cure until the sad day she died. Without hope we have nothing.

There will be a cure..

Unknown said...

Daria I'm sending you warm sunshine - yikes more snow - noooooo!! It's so hard to watch these things, I don't think hope should be confused with denial - you ahve to have a bit of hope in everything!! Keeps you fighting!!
Huge hugs, wonderful post!
Namaste, Sarah

Anonymous said...

I haven't read Farah's story. Daria, just be strong and have a strong belief in your own ability. What Farah went through may not necessarily be repeated in your case. You must always think positive and must remain positive at all times. Focus on other beautiful things in life and i believe all your friends here are in full support of you. If i may suggest further, post in your blogs on subjects which portray things beautiful. The stories in your other blog are very good indeed. And keep smiling always.Take care.

Anonymous said...

I didn't see the film, and I am hoping that they will re-run it. She had a lot of courage to show herself in that way, and I respect her so much for doing what she did!