Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Little Off Topic

Just up from what appears to have become a regular morning nap. Now that I'm up, I have a bit more energy.

Being the weekend, I thought I'd go a little bit off topic and post a video that has been kicking around the Internet for a while. Hope you enjoy it.


Anonymous said...

Oh good grief - their car gives new meaning to "Painted Pony!"
Glad to hear you are getting some naps in and are feelling better.
Have a good weekend.

Alli said...

Oh my goodness I loved it!! What a refreshing video to watch. Patches is one remarkable horse!!

Alli XX

Sara Williams said...

Oh Daria, how funny!

Please tell me how you post this clip onto your blog. I have been trying but can't so the videos I want to share I have added to a tool bar at the end of my page

Lisa said...

i do so love a nap.......glad you are feeling brighter dear friend xx

Renee said...

Daria I always slept on taxotere, at least a good two to three hours in the afternoon.