Friday, May 29, 2009

Beautiful Day Today

My CT scan when well yesterday. The nurses used the PICC line for the infusion of the dye. No need for another needle poke ... yippee! I'm not sure if anyone else experiences this but I get a bit of diarrhea a few hours after the CT scan or .... maybe the next morning. I'm thinking it may be from drinking two liters of water within 45 minutes. Anyways, it's only mild.

With the help of Adivan, I had another solid sleep last night. And this morning another nap. Boy I sure need that rest.

I'm off to the Cancer Institute to change dressing on the PICC line ....

Hope everyone is having a wonderfully sunny day today!


Christine said...

Hi Daria:

I also write a blog, called The Edge of Light at

I'd like to add some positive posts about people who have had a recurrence (local or metastatic). I'm calling these posts "Cancer heroes" (because anyone who is a role model to me of how to live a full life with cancer is my hero) and I'd love to include one about you. To see what I've posted about others, click on the Cancer Heros link on the right hand side of the blog, under Labels.

If you are willing:
• please answer the questions below
• send me a picture that I can post to the blog

I may not use all of your comments (I like to keep my posts rather short), but will put together something that will hopefully capture the spirit of your story.


When was your original diagnosis?

When did the cancer return and how?

How did having the cancer return affect you? (Mentally, physically, emotionally)

What changes have you made in your life since the cancer returned, if any?

Where do you draw your strength from? How do you look at life today?

Do you have any advice for others with a recurrence?

Anything else to add?

Reveda Prisha Umankshi Bhatt said...

Hi Daria.....need you to please do your bit...for a young guy who is fighting for his life...I read about him on

After reading this, I have already decided to do my bit both financially as well as in spreading the message/call for help. I too have written about him on my blog-here is a link to the post

please do your bit...

Beth said...

Hi Daria, its sunny here in Winnipeg today too. Glad to see you are feeling a bit better!

Renee said...

I totally wish they could do that for my PICC, but they can only do that with the new piccs.

I hate those pokes.


Lisa said...

sounds all good honey- raining here but hey, what the heck xx

SweetAnnee said...

Hi Daria.. I wonder.. maybe the injection they give us before the scan effects us too.. but lots of water could do that too..

Tis lovely here today too!!
isn't it fun??

fondly, deena

Raden Galoh said...

Hi dear...

Glad you seem cheerful today... Way to go sis.

Have a great weekend... it's sunny all year long here sis! :)


Barry said...

Oh yes, I love that massive drink before the CT scan! And the warm feeling as they inject the dye into you.

Sure makes my day!

Or am I being sarcastic?

No, couldn't be.

At lest you miss out on the injection this time.

Lesa said...

Here! Here! To good days!

Anonymous said...

You've a good day too my friend. Take it easy ya!