Sunday, May 24, 2009

Just Up From A Nap

Here is my routine ... something to eat, some sleep, something to eat, some sleep.

Thanks everyone for the great advice .... 'rest is best'. It is so simple and yet such an important reminder.

Yesterday I mentioned I struggle a bit with digestion but a prescription of Metoclopramide does a good job resolving that. If you read the linked article it talks about it helping with nausea or vomiting but that is not what I need it for.

What it does for me is get the gastric muscles moving and therefore, moving the food down the intestines. What appears to happen for me is that I'll eat and the food sits above my stomach and in my throat. It's like my stomach refuses to process the food. Anyways, this medication seems to stimulate movement and food digestes.

The only other major side effect I'm experiencing is intense cold chills. So all and all I'm really doing pretty good.


Roxanne said...

I'm glad the reglan is helping you. You need to be able to eat to keep up your strength. I thought I would bottle up some of this 85 degree weather and send it to you for the cold chills. Hugs, Daria XOXO

Unknown said...

I've used that it's good but after using reglan, or a generic of that,for sometime it seems to be less affective.

Barry said...

All in all I'd say you were doing extremely well.

Anonymous said...

Good job! Stay rested. Do you or can you have meal replacement shakes when the food is too hard to get down? My onc was opposed to them, but I know that some are okay with it. Just a thought.

nollyposh said...

(((HUGz))) and *Kisses* to you my friend and a big warm blankey for your shoulders xox

Sara Diana said...

Hi Daria,
Sorry to hear about your discomfort. Chemo treatment is affecting my digestion in similar ways - I take anti nausia, anti acid and movicol for "other things" I feel like a medicine cabinet! I also get really cold chills too. Warm baths and woolly hats help. Keep smiling :0)

Renee said...

Daria I wanted to tell you that I think you are doing incredible.

Treatment is so difficult and when I was in it I hated everyone and everything.

You are brave and you are doing what you need to do with such grace.

Love Renee xoxoxo

Jill said...

Daria, you are doing all the right things. I was given a prescription for Metoclop right from the beginning of my chemo and was told to take it every four hours as needed. Stay strong and you will get through this.