Sunday, June 27, 2010

PICC Line Stuff

Friday I was at the clinic getting my PICC line redressed … it’s a weekly event. It‘s been a while since I had seen this particular nurse. She asked how I was doing. I went over my particular situation, reminding her I was stage 4. Oh she says, I probably knew that at one time but forgot.

She cleaned up the skin around my PICC. For a while now, I have had a scab forming around the line itself. Every nurse I’ve talked to says the same thing; we won’t pick on the scab. If it happens to fall off while we’re cleaning it then that is ok. Otherwise we’ll wait for it to come off on its own.

Tho I’ve knitted a few well-fitting PICC line covers, I prefer to cover my PICC line with something called Coban wrap. It can be bought at medical supply stores or at veterinary supply stores. If price is a concern, the vet stores offer it for a much better price than the medical supply stores.

I prefer the skin tone color as it helps camouflages it well … but if you prefer a bit of color … Coban comes in many bright and exciting colors. The best part is that this stuff does not move at all. It grippes the PICC gently and stays put for a week at a time …and I like that a lot.


Bernie said...

Daria, will you always have to have the PICC line or is it just while taking chemo, mine was also used to draw blood....just wondering....don't have to tell anything you don't want too.
Isn't this weather beautiful, we really needed this as our winter was so long. I am loving the well my friend.
....:-) Hugs

gillian said...

I love the your practical attitude.

Daria said...

Bernie, I have the PICC line in for chemo infusions. They still poke my veins for blood work. If that becomes to difficult ... they can turn to the PICC line.

The weather has been wonderful. I try and get out everyday ... even if it's just a car ride.

krissy knox said...

daria, can't remember if i commented on this before, but wow, i wouldn't have thought of coban to use for a picc line cover. guess i'm a little stupid, LOL. i will pass on the information to my husband john.

krissy knox :)