Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Feeling Tired and Agitated

Yesterday I was a tired puppy. I thought I slept well thru the night but got up feeling tired and agitated. I had breakfast and then laid down for what turned out to be a two hour snooze. Still feeling out of sorts, I decided to get out of the house and shop to burn off some steam.

Well that didn’t really help either as I just got more tired and grumpy as the day wore on. After supper, I ended up taking half an Ativan and hit the pillow just before 8.

This morning I’m up and feeling pretty good. I’m not agitated and that’s great because I have afternoon coffee lined up with the Sears group gals and supper with some friends I used to work with.


WhiteStone said...

I learned this week that grumpiness is sometimes the result of coming down off the drugs given with the chemo. Now I have a good excuse! *giggle*

Joanie said...

I guess you just really needed rest! Glad you're feeling better today!

Bernie said...

Hey I am not dealing with half of what you are and I wake up tired and cranky by is okay to feel that way once in a while.
So glad your feeling better today and hope you enjoyed your coffee and dinner with friends.
.....:-) Hugs

Karen said...

I read your blog Often(since a close friend was diagnosed) but rarely (if ever) comment.....I am so glad you feel better today......please know you are in my prayers.....blesssings