Friday, June 18, 2010

Chemo Day

I just got back from my Vinorelbine chemo. Normally my appointment takes just over an hour but today it was two hours. The nurses were busy with someone who was having an allergic reaction to their chemo, so everything got backed up a bit. They kept apologizing for the wait … I said no troubles … I would want the same attention if it were me. Besides, it gave me a chance to make small talk with the neighbors.

Once the nurse started my infusion, it didn’t take long for me to feel nauseous, way more than last week. As it was all going into me, I could really taste and feel the chemo and the saline flush. Yik! And on top of that, my nose was really sensitive to all the medical smells. Don’t know what was going on with me today but boy o boy was I glad to get outta there.

It’s sunny and warm here and my next move is to throw a blanket under a shade tree in the back yard and lay down. I need some of nature’s good healing


Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

One trick I had for avoiding that chemo taste in the mouth is to be sucking on a lemon popsicle when the infusion starts. There is less circulation to the cold plus the lemon will mask the taste somewhat.

Anonymous said...

Dear Daria,
IT is hard to read you journal...but I want you to know how I am praying for you each day.


Bernie said...

Oh Daria, I had forgotten that horrible taste and smell but I remembered as soon as I read your post.....I hope you try what Sue did and that will help. I know I didn't even feel like a popsicle but it makes sense and if it will help, well you have nothing to loose by trying.
It only turned nice out here late afternoon, it was cloudy all morning and I am hoping for more sun this weekend.
Take care my friend, if ever you want to meet for coffee just let me know........Have your best weekend ever........:-) Hugs