Friday, June 25, 2010

Fatigue Setting In

After 20 treatments of Taxotere, I thought Xeloda was a holiday. My energy level was coming back. I was feeling stronger both mentally and physically and that made for a pretty good quality of life. It kinda felt like I was accelerating.

Now that I’m finishing my second cycle of Vinorelbine I’m being reminded of some of the fatigue I experienced with Taxotere. I am starting to feel tired all the time. I am losing some of my enthusiasm to do stuff. Everything requires a bit more effort these days. I just want to constantly go for a nap.

Mentally, the fatigue is a challenge; I can’t stay on top of anything. I’m feeling a bit melancholy. And this is only cycle two of Vinorelbine. I’ve got mixed emotions, if it works and the shrinks my tumors I’ll be extremely happy … but on the other hand, I won’t be happy with just the fatigue.


Ashley O said...

When it works, not if. Hang in there. The fatigue doesn't just play with our bodies, it plays with our brains. Try to do a little to stay active, I did find when I went to the gym and just made myself walk the indoor track twice I had more energy. Haven't been in weeks and I can tell. The heat doesn't help because it just saps your energy but do what you can. It will pass.

Anonymous said...

Is it a possibility to take an antidepressant should you be depressed? I know Lexapro is very much helping me though being chronically ill, though it cannot compare to the illness you have.
I just want to be there to help you and give you such a big HUG.

Bernie said...

I was told Taxotere could be very hard on your body, (it was on mine) so I'm thinking if you handled that chemo drug okay then perhaps when your body gets used to the Vinorelbine you may tolerate it better. I know how horrible it is to feel so low on energy but I agree with Ashley a little bit of walking can help to boost your energy level. Sure wish I could do it for you.
Rest my friend and know that you are in my heart and prayers always, I do hope you have a really nice weekend....:-)Hugs