Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lymphedema Changes Again

Today I went to the medical supply store to get a new glove and sleeve for my arm. The technician there said the measurements of my arm and hand had increased since my last visit back in October of 09. I knew my arm had swollen up recently because I could see it and feel it. Also; it’s been a bit sore and achy over the last couple of weeks.

The technician and I decided to hold off me purchasing a replacement arm sleeve today. She said the whole idea is to get a new sleeve when the arm is smaller and try to maintain that size. If I would have known that, I would have made an appointment when my measurements were smaller... but as with everything, this is a learning process and I’ll know better next time. For now I will keep using this sleeve.

I definitely need a new glove because the one I have right now is just too big. I’m thinking it may have been too big when I got it and the fabric is just too thin and flimsy. I mentioned to the gal that I thought something heaver was needed. She listened and we used my October measurements and ordered a glove with a heavier fabric.

On the way home I stopped at Tim’s and picked up a coffee and donut....

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Barry said...

Tim's and a donut always help, I find.