Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Living Well Cancer Support Group

This morning I was at the Living Well group. Our homework assignment last week was to do something fun or enjoyable that we wouldn’t normally do and secondly we were to do something philanthropic. 

What I did for myself was to apply for a travel subsidy to attend a cancer conference in the US. What I did for others is, I signed up to do some volunteer work. Because both of these events are to happen in the future ... I can’t really comment too much about my personal experience right now.

The lesson to be learned here is that when we do something fun for us, the good feelings are rather short lived however; if you give of ourselves to others ... the feel good feeling lasts longer because we are using your personal strengths to help others. 

Our assignment this week is to think about someone whom we are grateful for, yet we haven’t ever properly thanked them. The task itself is to write a letter expressing our gratitude to whom we are grateful. We are to read the letter to the person, either in person or over the phone and then give them the letter if we like. 

This assignment is actually on my bucket list ...

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