Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Living Well Group

I just got back from the Living Well group at cancer clinic. As always, it’s interesting stuff. One lady mentioned she thought cancer makes a person more brave ... definitely ... but she also said it helps make the people around you braver. Friends and family are faced with new challenges. For example; spouses often have to take on new duties at home while their wives or husbands are undergoing treatment. Men learn to cook and wives may have to mow grass. Children may become more independent as they do more for themselves. I thought that was all pretty interesting stuff.

Anyways, we had some take home exercises ... each day for the next week we are to carefully enjoy at least one activity that we typically rush. For exampling giving ourselves more time to eat or drive somewhere. We’re supposed to pay close attention to our senses ... what do we hear and see and feel? We are to savour the moment.

To be honest, my schedule is pretty wide open so I will be able to savour a few moments. One of the things D and I do each morning is having coffee. D makes a pot of coffee and we sit together and chat. After that we get on with the day. I find I’m more relaxed and ready to face the day. For me there is nothing like sitting down and sipping coffee and doing nothing else.


WhiteStone said...

Today I savored just walking down the grocery isle...thinking to myself...this is my "now" moment...I am living this "now".

Yes, we should savor life. All of it.

Teresa said...

Ooh, yes. I love my coffee. But I can't chat in the morning. Chatting happens after the second cup. ;-)

Cheryl said...

Daria how important it is to learn to live in the moment.
Today I give thanks for my fellow Bloggers, from whom I learn so much about this journey.

Karen said...

On of my friends told me that even if the cancer was making me a better person, I was already pretty nice and didn't need these improvements. That was nice to hear because I had just been reading some Christian literature about God using illness to refine your soul, and the idea was not sitting well with me.

So, Daria, I want you to know that you are already pretty wonderful and brave, and you didn't need cancer to make you more brave.

Although, it's totally cool if something good comes from having cancer.