Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Living Well Group

I just got back from the Living Well Group. Last week’s assignment was to look at some of our character strengths and try and use them in a new way. One gal in the group she did a kind act and upon reflection ... she felt the rest of the day went very smoothly. It’s like her kind act set the mood for the day.

This week’s assignment is two part ... firstly, we are supposed to do something that is fun and enjoyable. Secondly, we are to do something philanthropic ... it doesn’t matter what we do, only that it is something that shows good will to others. One rule tho... it is important that you spend about the same amount of time doing both parts.

Next week we will compare and contrast these experiences.


Anonymous said...

can't we do this group on line... or tell me how I can start one here in my town...

Lady Katherine said...

I love you have a group! I never been in a support group or any group! Just taking life as it comes! Sounds wonderful! I hope you are doing better! I'm still recovering, with complications, as the days go by more complications come. So I started doing Tea Time Tuesday as something I always wanted to do! Just following some of my Dreams! I am exhausted when I am done, and try to type and visit! lol But no one knows! Just how much it takes for me to do a Tea! lol But it my Dream and I am loving it! Exhausted or not. lol Now as I doing something for myself I need to do something for someone, well I guess I do, do that everyday. Someone all always needs a helping hand, and just a few words of encouragement! Better get to bed, I have Grandchildren all day tomorrow.