Saturday, February 6, 2010

Shoutout To - Spirit Jump

As per the website ...

Join us for Cards For Cancer Day! On or about Saturday April 10th, 2010 Spirit Jump and the team leaders around the world will bring bags of cards to their local cancer centers to be given to those battling cancer. Cards can be collected by asking family members, friends, neighbors, schools, youth groups or just about anyway you can think of getting them. Cards can be handmade or store bought and should have a positive message to help JUMP the SPIRIT of someone who is battling cancer.

To learn more and to sign up visit 

They need volunteers from all over the world to help out.


l'optimiste said...

OK abe!! I am there!!! :o)

Deb said...

thanks for letting me know about this Daria...I'm definitely going to sign up as a volunteer...if it is in my area. I will check out the link you provided.
Take care!

Kirsten (not Kristen) said...


I love this idea! Thanks so much for sharing. As the cancer journey continues, so often it has been the kindness of strangers that lifts me up.

Going to see what we can do in Vancouver!

Always rooting for you,