Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Look of My Blog

For awhile now ... I’ve wanted to clean up the look of my blog. And now Google Blogger has come along with a new feature to help me out. I’ve added a few tabs ... namely ... my bucket list and second is my diagnosis and treatment history.

The bucket list is something I have thought about a lot since I was first diagnosed in 2000 but had never put on paper. Then in 2008 when I was diagnosed with my Stage 4 cancer, I didn’t think I would have a future. Then I switched to Xeloda this all changed. Xeloda is a much more manageable chemotherapy and easier on my body. So much so, I’m feeling stronger and more hopeful. While I am feeling this good, I thought I’d throw down some thoughts as to what I’d still like to do ... set some goals ... track some accomplishments ... all to be a bit of a motivator.

As far as having the diagnosis and treatment tab ... I wanted to have that information available to me at a glance.

The new tabs are up now. Pls check them out and let me know what you think.


WhiteStone said...

I like the tabs...thanks for telling us about it!

Sugar said...

very nice. where do we find the tabs & put them on?
actually i think you've done a few more of those things listed on your bucket list.
hugs & God bless...

Daria said...

Sugar ... thanks for your comment.

To create the tabs you go to Blogger dashboard and click the Posting | Edit Pages tab, then click New Page.

You can add up to 10 tabs (pages).

Hope that helps ...

Peggy said...


I love the tabs, sure makes a difference.
Stay warm Daria, you sound great!

Kerry said...

Thanks Daria for your comment. I really needed a change from plain.
Made the banner on Scrapblog...Easy and so many free things to make ..

Elayne said...

Hi Daria~ Just checked out your "bucket list". As a stage 4 cancer survivor I will admit these are things I think about but have not had the courage to write them down, not on my blog anyways.
Was that difficult to do? Do you feel a more sense of peace in doing it?
I guess I am afraid to even put it down.

Daria said...


I've thought about it for many years. Was it difficult to do ... yes ... but it's given me a bit of hope at the same time because I plan on doing these things plus a few more.

So now instead of focusing so much on the cancer I have other things to focus on.

Anyways, maybe because I've had it in my head so long ... putting it on the blog has given me a good feeling.

It also makes me a little more accountable as people will be watching for things to get crossed off the list.

Hope that helps ...

Dr. Swill said...

Gosh that is such great news to hear how well this drug works for you!I am so happy for you!


Betty said...

Great Tabs. Hang in there, and I love your bucket list and hope you get to do them all.