Friday, February 5, 2010

The Knitting Group

I met with the knitting group at the Cross. Today, I tend to talk more and knit less because my fingers are sensitive and the constant contact with the yarn dries my finger tips out. But for me ... the interaction is more fulfilling than crafting. 

Many of the gals are just learning to knit and some are seasoned vets. One lady is a talented writer. She brought with her some poetry she had written and shared it with the group. I asked if she considered publishing a book and she said it was very difficult for an unknown writer to get published. That is too bad because she seems very good.

We often talk about our cancer experiences ... today I spoke with a young gal who had gone back to work. She struggles with her thoughts and feelings. The idea of always wondering if it ... the cancer, will come back, weighs heavily on her mind. She also wonders why she is still so tired, why the memory is still so bad, is every ache and pain a concern ... will she ever be free of the fear of its return.


ce_squared said...

I love your blog title, Daria. It's similar to mine. I'm new here and am looking for kindred spirit.

Be well....

Arlene said...

The thoughts and feelings of the young gal who had returned to work sound so so familiar. I would have to say that the fear of the cancer rearing it's ugly head again is always there. But ..... I found that the spaces between thinking about it get wider as time goes on so that you are not actively thinking about it every single second of the day.

WhiteStone said...

After only a year past diagnosis, I tend to agree with Arlene. It's always there in the back of your mind but time eases the worry a bit. I think. ha.