Monday, February 8, 2010

This and That

Just got back from lunch with Audrey from Stage 3! Who, me? She is doing real good and looking even better. She is no longer under treatment and is back at work fulltime. It was nice to catch up on what she’s been up to.

This weekend we watched the Super Bowl. What a great game and the half time show was the best. The Who sure know how put on a performance.

Here is the YouTube video...


Anonymous said...

I had a great time at lunch as well! It was so good to see you again. And speaking of looking look incredible my lovely friend! Let's do lunch againn soon.

Jill said...

It definitely was a super game especially that interception and then all the way down the field! Awesome! I was so happy the Saints shows we all need a little bit of luck at times.

l'optimiste said...

haha! how cool - I love Audreys blog...nice to think of the two of you having lunch and looking so great :o)

Barry said...

Congratulations to Audrey!

I think that was one of the best Super Bowl games I've seen and ended just the way it should.

The Who were great!