Sunday, February 21, 2010

Major Shopping

It’s been about a year and half since we went to our big mall ... West Edmonton Mall. It is so big ... we generally avoid it because it is just too much territory to cover. Yesterday tho, we felt like a challenge. We knew it was going to be busy because the traffic was just crazy on the way there and then finding a parking spot was a whole deal all in itself... everyone was circling around like vultures looking for a parking spot. Our strategy was to watch for someone leaving and then follow them to their car ... it worked. 

We finally got in and boy was it busy, wall to wall people. Our first stop was to catch the seal performance at the water park. Then we walked around for about an hour. It wasn`t long before the thought of coffee crossed my mind and I scoped out a Second Cup. It has a stand-up bar with bar chairs; a nice break ... and then off we went. It didn`t take long before I noticed the bottoms of my feet felt like they were burning up... a side effect of Xeloda. I’m not sure what brought it on... all the walking that I did it or the fact that I was a bit over dressed ... way too warm.

I pushed it a little bit more and we ended up at Sears where D scooped up a couple of tops. Wow what a winter sale ... 60% off and a further 10% scratch card at the till. At this point my feet were really smoking hot so we stopped for a burger at the food court and then headed home.


Whidbey Woman said...

Good for you! It must feel so good to accomplish that outing, of a huge magnitude, I might add :)

Christine said...

Retail therapy can be good - as long as I'm not desperate to find something and I feel I can stop and have a coffee break whenever I feel like it. I've been to the West Edmonton mall back in the days when I loved to shop, but I must admit it would probably overwhelm me now. Doesn't it feel great to get a bargain though?

One of my favorite things to do is to take my laptop to a public place (like Chapters) where I can enjoy the crowds from the comfort of a chair with a cup of java in hand.