Saturday, October 10, 2009

Shopping For A New Cell Phone

Thursday, D and I went to a local mall to look at new cell phones and plans. My cell phone is 3 years old and starting to show its age. I`m trying to decide if I want a `candy bar` style phone as opposed to the `clam style` which I`ve always had in the past. The new phones have so many new gadgets to play with. I figure it will give me something to do while I`m waiting on doctor’s appointments. I watched people in the mall to see what type of cell phones they had. I think the majority of phones out there are candy style ... likely because they are easier for texting.

We ended up spending a couple of hours walking around ... well not really walking ... I would sit down just about every opportunity I could. Still, it was a couple of hours in the mall where I was more active than say if I was at home. Thank goodness there were a ton of cell phone provider stores and electronic stores to keep D occupied while I hobbled along.

During one of my rest stops, there was a gentleman sitting there and I could see from the corner of my eye he kept looking at me. I kind of wondered what I had out of place that kept him staring at me. Well he finally came over to talk to D and I. He had cancer and was in remission. He wanted to come by and share his cancer experience and wish me well. That was really nice.

We ended up stopping and having supper at the food court. I had some Chinese that went down pretty good. D had Italian.


Jill said...

Sounds like a wonderful time at the mall Daria. That is always nice when someone is willing to share their experience with us. It makes us feel not so alone:)
So did you get a new cell phone?

Daria said...

Hi Jill ... no cell phone yet ... I've got a couple in mind tho.

Anonymous said...

Hi Daria
We recently upgraded phones on our 3 lines. I went from my old Razr phone (gets the best reception still) to a pda type phone and settled with an HTC Fuze (AT&T here). My husband bought the clamshell type newer Pantech brand, our 3rd line had a slider keyboard type phone. It's cheaper and easier to buy them on Ebay. Personaly I like the clamshells but with our kids and their families they seem to text more so I purchased a phone with slider keyboard. NEVER buy a refurbished phone (see my blog about refurb nightmare lol). I hope my comment finds you feeling wonderful. I enjoy reading here!

WhiteStone said...

I'm on a personal venture to see how long my cell phone will last. I dropped it in the ocean nearly 4 years ago, quickly retrieved it, dried it off and it still works. So it makes me wonder how long it will keep functioning.

The Dirty Pink Underbelly said...

That was so nice of that man in the mall.

p.s. living in AZ, a friend told me her cure for a water-logged cell phone (she's apparently dropped hers in the toilet several times) is to NOT OPEN it or push any buttons, but leave it on the dash of the hot car until it dries out. I guess that only works where it's warm enough to heat up your car.

Hang in there Daria. Sending you happy thoughts!

Barry said...

I don't text.

Well I do, but only when my daughter's force me to. It just seems such a clumsy thing to do when you can just talk instead.

But maybe that's because I have one of those clam shell phones?

TNBCAmazon said...

Hi Daria,
It's *so* nice to hear that you seem to be well enough for an extended outing to the mall. Sounds like you had a good time researching your next cell phone!
Wishing you lots of energy and few side effects!

Lauren said...

i don't wear my wig, and people are ALWAYS coming up to me and sharing their stories - it just happened yesterday!

i recently got a new phone - it's a "candy bar" style with a touchscreen. i really like it a lot, but i have tremors occasionally, and that makes it hard to use the touchscreen. other than that, i like it a lot!

i feel you with the having to sit down a lot - i went on a short walk with my mom the other day and was exhausted!

good luck :-)