Thursday, October 8, 2009

BC Support Group Coffee Meeting

Yesterday afternoon we had our Breast Cancer support group coffee meeting. There was five of the six of us there ... S was vacationing in BC. J’s lymphedema was acting up and she had her arm wrapped in five tensors bandages, no sleeve. It looked heavy and bulky and uncomfortable. A, just came back from a mini vacation in Jasper and brought us all a bear-pin souvenir. That was very thoughtful. C, mentioned she was just over the H1N1 flu. In fact she had seen her doctor the day before and verified that it was OK to meet with me. We were talking about Google and Irm asked if I’ve ever been to Google ... we all laughed ... we are a diverse group.

I ordered a small OJ and sandwich. After eating half of the sandwich, I decided to put the remainder away because I was afraid of provoking diarrhea.

When we first arrived we all hugged each other as usual but after talking about the approaching flu season, we decided we’ll do the ‘elbow bump‘ when we meet in a couple of weeks.


Joanie said...

It sounds like a good time was had by all! Elbow bumps this winters sound like a good plan!

nollyposh said...

Girlfriends are ~healing~

Silindile Ntuli said...

I'm loving the elbow bumps... Hello, First time on your blog, I wish you all the best

Levi said...

Good thinking with you germy lot.
Elbows it is!