Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Few Busy Days

It was a great long weekend with turkey dinner at my sisters. Spending time with family was so very nice. The nieces and nephews are always a colourful bunch. And the food was outstanding ... both sisters are amazing cooks. I don`t cook at home anymore so I thoroughly enjoy a home cooked meal.

My brother-in-law P asked how my appetite was and I said it was down. Food wasn’t as pleasurable as it once was. I told him I wanted seconds of food but my belly said no. Then my sister who is a nurse said ... “You now probably ‘eat to live’ whereas you used to ‘live to eat’" ... that is so true. I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed food and the eating experience. Now, I eat because my belly growls and needs food.

Tuesday, I was at the clinic and attended a support group. There were about seven of us there and the majority were living with metastases. The first session is always emotional as everyone shares their stories.

After that, I zipped over to another clinic location for a PICC line dressing change. The usual nurse was there. She said, "You look stylin` today." I said, I`m feeling better these days ... enough so that I started caring about what I wear. I said for the first eight or ten months of chemo, I was so affected by side effects that I could care less about how I looked. I would only wear a couple of different outfits because firstly I had put on so much weight from the steroids and that was all that would fit and secondly, I didn`t have much energy for lots of laundry, so washing and wearing the same clothes was easier. The reason I’m feeling better these days is that we cut my dosage of chemo in the spring. It has taken a few months for me to start feeling better.

Later on, I worked on my paper that was due for class last night. It was a full day.


Michelle said...

You sound much brighter just lately Daria, it's nice :)

Sherry said...

I'm hearing a lot of "balance" from you these days -- that things are more stable for you and that's wonderful! Glad you enjoyed your Thanksgiving!

Jill said...

I am glad you are starting to feel more like yourself.It sounds like a wonderful time you had at Thanksgiving:)

Tracey said...

As the others have said.. Your sounding more jollier..

Go girlie xx