Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lymphedema Glove

Yesterday I picked up my new custom lymphedema glove. You’ll notice it flares at my wrist. It was specially designed that way so that I wouldn’t have a double compression at the wrist ... from the sleeve and the glove. The glove is made from a very thin nylon/spandex fabric which makes it really comfortable.

So how do I feel about wearing the sleeve and glove? I’d have to say it’s not too bad so far. Once it’s on, I sort of forget about it. I do notice it is warm in the summer tho.

So is it working? I notice that the swelling in my arm goes up and down during the cycle so as long as I’m on chemo, I can’t really say it is getting better but I do think it is under control.


Sarah Sullivan said...

Well at least they are comfortable! That is good!! You really have beautiful hands Daria!! will be cool for a while now - so that is good too!!
Hugs, Sarah

Levi said...

I wear waist-high compression hose. I was born with lymphedema, both legs. Then got the cancer dx two years ago. Kind of the wrong way to go about things but then I didn't feel I had a choice. Compression is very warm but it does the trick. I hope you find some relief with it.

Glynis said...

Hey Sweet Daria. It is amazing what is available isn't it? I had the stockings during chemo (left leg lymphedema) and they sure helped. A little unsightly, but worthwhile! x

Karen said...

I've heard good things about those compression gloves (and stockings, too). I hope they work out well for you! Thanks for being so encouraging!