Friday, October 23, 2009

Chemo School

On Monday when I saw the oncologist she figured I should go to chemo school because I had never gone and with a new chemo treatment starting next week, it might be helpful. So yesterday along with getting my PICC redressed, I went to class.

What did I learn?

  • That I should be aware of people who have shingles. The nurse said shingles could be infectious when the person is experiencing blisters. If the blisters are crusted over, I should be OK.
  • That I shouldn’t gulp down a drink of water or juice because it will stimulate diarrhea. That occasionally happens after I guzzle down my daily protein shake. Who knew that?
  • That when using alcohol-based hand sanitizing gels, have enough of it in my hands so that they are completely wet for 15 seconds. The RN said, do not use antibacterial wipes because they remove the good bacteria from your hands. Her preference is the baby wipes.
  • That I should stay two meters away from someone who has flu symptoms... to minimize my risk.

Otherwise it was just a good review of a lot I already knew.

On a side note, we also discussed flu shots at which point I realized I was on an extra week off from my chemo. I talked to the research nurse and she said I was good to go for the seasonal flu shot. So last night I zipped over to the health clinic and got it ... plus they ok`d me for a bonus pneumococcal vaccine for pneumonia.

I still have to deal with H1N1 flu shot when it becomes available.


WhiteStone said...

Daria, I got my shot yesterday at the onc unit. I had never heard of chemo school and even tho I thoroughly read all literature they gave me, I had never heard about the link between gulping fluids and diarrhea when we undergoing chemo. Thanks for that bit of info. Course my problem is just the opposite but you never know when a bit of info will come in handy. LOL. The swine flu has hit our town so I will avoid crowds. Again. Sigh.

Karen said...

Sounds like you're really being proactive in preventing infections, Daria. Thank for sharing what you've leared.

Michelle said...

Sounds positive.


Sara Diana said...

You are doing so well Daria, sorry I havent been around much this week. I had my flu jab yesterday and my pneumonia one last year. The swine flu one isnt out yet but I am elligable for it when it is out x