Monday, February 2, 2009

Keep It Real

My whole life, I’ve always wanted to be strong ... independent, self-reliant, resilient and to be weak at nothing ... or at least appear that way.

So in my pursuit of being courageous I have not allowed myself to show a weaker side. So what does this have to do with my cancer? Well, I really struggle sharing true feelings about my treatment and the disease. I often feel I need to be strong for others . I've always been known to be positive and how the heck can someone be positive about cancer with two recurrences?

My main issue is that I avoid talking about certain things because it puts me in a 'weaker' light.

Through this blog, I've had an opportunity to share my thoughts and feelings and I want to make sure I do that ... and I'm going to practice till I get it right.

Well I have a couple of supporters that continue to inspire me to be real. My friend A. in Edmonton continues to encourage me to ... 'tell it like it is' and a fellow blogger, Renee, Circling My Head who most recently left the following comment on one of my posts ... “Keep telling the truth. Like I say, keep it real no need to keep it strong.”

Thanks ladies for supporting me and stay on my case.


Anonymous said...

Daria, you truly are one of the strongest, bravest, inspirational, REAL people that I know. It is my honor to walk with you on our shared journey. Thank you for your spirit, your generosity, your truth.
Love, audrey

Renee said...

I believe in your Daria. Thank you for coming to my party and I noticed that the best thing about you is that you are responsible. So please remember to be responsible to yourself. You owe it to you to live your truth and be happy on your terms.

Yes, okay, Mother Theresa is leaving the building.

Love Renee