Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wig Or No Wig

When I was first diagnosed with cancer eight years ago, I purchased a synthetic wig as soon as I shaved my hair. With my chemo back then, I think my hair started falling out after the second treatment. I had never owned a wig and just purchased the first one I saw at a department store. I really disliked wearing it because it continually rode up and sat too high on my head. At first I was really good at correcting it but later ... I just didn’t care. Little did I know that I didn’t have it fitted correctly.

I wore that thing for about 8 months ... yuk.

This time my hair started falling out week two of my first treatment and this time, I said I wouldn’t wear a wig and just go without. Well I had to 'eat' my words because I ended up wearing one ... why? ... because I didn’t want all the attention. I just wanted to blend in. For me, it was difficult to image going to the grocery store and have people stare at me ... with sympathy in their eyes. I don't think anyone wants to be stared at and felt sorry for and it's obvious because I don't remember the last time I was at a grocery store or shopping and saw someone with cancer hair.

I ended up wearing that old wig for a short time and then went to look for another one. That is when I came upon Alfred’s Hair. Alfred's Hair has been around since 1970 and only helps people with medical conditions like Alopecia, burn or accident victim, or chemo treatments. He is so good. I wore my old wig in and asked to be fitted for a new one because this one sucked. I forgot to mention ... the first time I wore my wig back in 2000, I had gotten too close to a hot oven and it fringed the ends of my bangs. Well to my surprise, Alfred fixed the damaged hair and he fitted the wig properly. I still ended up buying a new wig as well ... WOW... a choice in wigs.

On a humorous side, we named the wig Ratatouille, after the rat in the movie.

Anyways, I find wigs itchy to wear in the winter and hot and itchy in the summer ... and watch out for those windy days.

I found a great article on the internet about wigs and cancer ... it pretty well covers it ... Wigs for Cancer Patients.

One more thing, the Cross Cancer Institute has wigs you can borrow from their volunteer services.


Anonymous said...

Do you feel "wigged out" at the grocery store? Sorry Sweetie...couldn't resist.
No quilting today?
Big hugs,

Michelle said...

When mum was first diagnosed the first thing we did was go buy a wig.

It lives in the cupboard now as she wasn't offered chemo because it wouldn't help her at that point.

Maybe it will get used one of these days, or maybe it will go live in the wig library.


SweetAnnee said...

I feel WEIRD with a wig on..I don't wear it
unless it's somewhere VERY special

I just wear a hat to keep my head warm
and when it gets Spring..I won't wear one
at all


Arlene said...

Yes, get your wig fitted. My hairdresser also said that they make wigs with too much hair so that your hairdresser can cut it and style it to suit you.