Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Review Of Side Effects

Yesterday I had a morning nap of over one hour long. This morning I had a nap over 1.5 hours long. This all on top of a full 9 hours sleep, I get at night. I guess I'm a bit tired.

So just a review of my side effects:
  • my eyes continue to leak.
  • my nose is stuffy and bleeds intermittently ... day and night.
  • my toes/feet feel chilled. I have very few symptoms of the hand-foot syndrome. For my feet, I feel heat/pressure when I have them flat on the mattress. For my hands, they are just a bit more sensitive picking up hot or cold items. The tips of my fingers are a bit sensitive too.
  • fatigue - I need extra sleep right now.
Today, I'm really trying to conserve my energy because I have class tonight and it's going to be really difficult for me to sit through 3 hours of lecture. I might just leave half way through.

Tomorrow, I'm going to go out and about a bit. I think the first place I need to stop is get some new clothes. Unfortunately, I have put on so much weight, I have run out of clothes that fit. How I wish I could get some control over that. Unfortunately, my will power is zero to none and the steroids don't help.

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Renee said...

I slept every afternoon for about two hours on taxotere. I use to say this to myself 'rest is best.'

Love Renee