Friday, February 27, 2009

Laugh Or Two

This week I've noticed something unusual. I've actually had a good laugh or two on a couple of different occasions. Besides this week, I really don't remember the last time I had a good laugh. Truly, I think it's just that the chemo drug accumulation in my body is down from previous months.

On Tuesday night, in class, the girl I sit next too and I giggled and giggled ... like we were in high school ... and then on Wednesday, we had our Breast Cancer Ladies Group meeting at the coffee shop and once again I laughed and ... I made others laugh. I think a part of original Daria is peaking out. Though the body is still very tired ... the mind is feeling just a little bit frisky.

Yesterday, I met with my friend Audrey, Stage 3! Who, me? and we had a nice lunch at Chianti's. We chatted about how much fun we were having with our blogging. We agreed, we have met so many nice people on line.

This morning was my Quilting Support Group at the Cross Cancer. I still haven't taken any picture of my work. My eyes water and so it takes me longer to do stuff. My focus is to keep up with everyone else and so no fiddling with cameras and pictures. I must say, I really do enjoy the quilting group as everyone is so kind and supportive and helpful.

This afternoon, I'm going to need a nap and then it will be school work.


Anonymous said...

I am so happy you are laughing! It is "good for the soul" as they say.

Loved lunch yesterday and look forward to our next one.
Big hugs,

Michelle said...

Daria, my daughter decided to take up quilting and I have had to help makes my eyes water too...aaarrgghhh

SweetAnnee said...

Oh Daria..sounds like you're coming back.. I am getting there.
Laughter is medicine!!

fondly, Deena

Renee said...

I am so glad to hear that you are having a good few days. Hoping that you have at least a good weekend full of more.


Glad you like the music I have to update it soon.

Unknown said...

lunching with Audrey would be wonderful- i am glad you are finding life laughable my angel- enjoy xx