Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Feelin' Better

Well I made it through my whole class last night. I really tried hard because it's a math course, and I needed to be there. It's algebra ... need I say more? During the class I struggled with 'gas' issues caused by chemo and sitting too long. I'll leave out the details.

During the class, I sat beside a nice young lady who I've gotten to know. She was having boyfriend problems ... the good kind ... too many at once. She said she had no one interested for ever and now there are numerous guys very interested. I really enjoyed listening to her problems ... normal everyday kind of problems. It made me smile.

When I got home, I was glad to see there was a note from D. indicating he was off to an Oilers hockey game. Since August, our lives have been all about my cancer and unfortunately, our social life has been very limited. It's nice to see him get out and have some fun.

Today ....

I need to go for a nap. I need to stop by my sister's so she can flush my CVC. I need to get some groceries. I need to do some house work.

Obviously, I'm feelin' better.

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