Thursday, July 29, 2010

No Chemo Tomorrow

I just got back from having blood work and seeing the Onc. Unfortunately, I have no chemo tomorrow because my neutrophils are too low. They are at .6 and need to be at a minimum of 1.5 in order for me to have my Vinorelbine infusion. D and I have noticed I’m a bit more tired than usual … I guess that explains it.

My Onc said we are still going to go ahead and book a CT scan sometimes in the next couple of weeks. We’ll go over the results when I see him next on August 19th.


Anonymous said...

Awww Darai - that sucks! Did they give you anything to boost the neutrophils?

Looking forward to lunch with you soon.

Anonymous said...

rest.... this happens.... your body is telling you to rest..


Bernie said...

Sorry you are unable to take treatment tomorrow....I know you must feel your security blanket has been taken away. Just think that it is in the washer and you will have it back soon. Praying that you will have chemo as next planned Daria, and that you are not to tired to enjoy this beautiful weather.......:-)Big Hugs