Thursday, July 15, 2010

The BC Support Coffee Group

Yesterday, the 5 of the 6 gals had our bi-weekly get-together. As usual, we had a few good laughs. What is really fun about our group is that our memories are terrible and our attention span is very poor so it seems our conversations go in six different directions… all at the same time. Sometimes we have to reel each other in to help stay on topic. Here are a couple of yesterday’s funny tangents.

C said she’s not happy because she can’t travel until mid September because she had a medication change and travel insurance is through the roof unless six months goes by. A said, well those couple of months will go by before you know it. J said, you can’t go anywhere until we have our summer garden party. Well when’s that? We have to organize it first. Ok, let’s organize it. Well we can’t have it until my sister leaves visiting from England. Great, when’s that? I can’t remember but I’ll check my organizer. J looks in her purse and says … oh no, I forgot it on the kitchen table … we all just cracked up.

And then we started talking how we can’t remember where we put stuff around the house. A said she is afraid to rearrange the cupboards because she won’t remember where she put things. It’s best if the stuff stays where it’s at because if she moves it … it’s lost. Well speaking of lost …. C says, you know I put those darn … you know … those breast things… they’re somewhere and do you think I can find them? That did it … we all just roared over that one.


Bernie said...

This get together sounds like so much fun and there is nothing better than laughter....I love knowing you are enjoying your life and filling it with good friends and laughter.......:-) Hugs

Cheryl said...

This is certainly a good advertisement fo support groups Daria.
Sounds like fun!

Arlene said...

I keep reading this over and over and it's funnier every time - even funnier than when I was actually there. What surprises me is that people without our warped senses of humor find it funny as well ;-)