Friday, April 24, 2009

PICC Line Inserted

Yesterday afternoon, I had the PICC line inserted. It went very well and completely painless. All I felt was the needle going in to freeze my arm. It is amazing what they can do.

There was no discomfort yesterday evening nor today.

I just got back from having the dressing changed. As the dressing was being pulled off, we could see things were quit red underneath ... caused by the dressing. I've really developed an allergic reaction to most all dressings. Anyways, long story short, they put this layer of something like a second skin between my skin and any adhesives bandages they would be using to cover my PICC line. Ideally the bandages should not be touching my skin. It is supposed to be very good but I was told if I have any issues at all, I am to come in ASAP.

I've got my fingers crossed it works ... otherwise, I'm not sure what we will do.

This morning I had my quilting session ... I'll post a picture tomorrow as I'm running a bit late today.


Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed for you as well! Man...that damn PICC!

Hope you had a fun time at quilting - can't wait to see the pictures!


SweetAnnee said...

Yeah ..great news!!
I find the more I wear dressings..the more I become sensitive to them..

Praying it works what they did!!

smiles to you

Arlene said...

Amazing isn't it? Modern medicine can painlessly insert a line in your arm for treatments but can't find banadages that don't cause allergic reactions. It seems to be such a common problem.

Good luck with the new method they are trying. Hope that solves your problem with the bandages.

Looking forward to seeing photo of your quilt.

Sherry said...

I'm glad to hear that the PICC went into so smoothly!! As for the redness and allergy to the tapes and dressings...I hear you. I had the same problem with the tapes...they managed to find one they could use on my skin and it was such a blessing...I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you Daria that what they have done with the "second skin" will alleviate the allergy. It's "always something" but as you said about the PICC -- it is amazing what they can do now that they weren't able to do even 5-10 years ago. We are blessed with medical knowledge!! ♥

Anonymous said...

It is amazing what doctors do these days, I was freaked out the night before, but as you said it went I have the mediport, they kept the picc line for about a month. Glad to hear that procedure went well for you