Friday, April 3, 2009

Got Some Quality Sleep

Last night I couldn't stay up past 8:15 pm so off to bed I went. I was out about 15 minutes later and woke up about 4:00 am. That was wonderful. I blogged for an hour or so and fell asleep again for a couple of hours. Thank goodness. I really needed some quality sleep after the awful previous couple of nights.

This morning my husband asked if I felt better with the reduced chemo dosage and really I'm not sure. Some cycles are better than others and I've been on chemo so long that I can't really be objective right now. I'll bring it up again during or after the weekend when I should be feeling more of the effects.

Mentally I'm still feeling clear minded and generally pretty good. Coffee still tastes pretty good and so did my oatmeal this morning.

I think that will be all for now ...


Anonymous said...

Oh, I am SO happy that you had a good sleep. I hate those long nights when sleep is so elusive.

It will be intersting to see how the reduced chemo dosage effects you. Keep us posted - your sharing is helping all of us, as well. What a gift!

Carolyn R. Parsons said...

I am so happy you are feeling good right now!

Sleep is very healing, I'm glad you got some


Cheryl said...

Oh Daria, my thoughts and prayers are with you. So happy that you have enjoyed a good night's sleep. We know how damaging sleep deprivation can be!
Pray that li8stening to your body will give you a better chance to heal.
Know what you mean about the constipation. My use of Oxycontin is causing me problems.
Wishing you wellness and healing

Unknown said...

Oh hon - so glad you got some sleep!! Sending healing your way..Sarah

nollyposh said...

Oh yes it's so annoying isn't it how chemo can take away your taste buds grrrr! i'm glad that you are feeling better X:-)

Denise said...

So glad that you are resting...... The body needs rest... Thanks to the Father..