Friday, November 7, 2008

A nice Fall day ...

We have been getting some great weather in Edmonton for November ... no snow and temperatures over 0 degrees Celsius during the day. Who could ask for more? This morning I went out and treated myself to a new vest.

This afternoon I spent time reading. I noticed the effects of the steroids is causing my vision to blur ... which means my reading will be limited for about a week until I get back to normal. Yesterday I spoke of a twitching eye ... today I have the shakes ... my hands. Unfortunately, the steroids are not an option and I must take them all.

My research nurse called today to discuss the next treatment and we briefly talked about how I was feeling. She asked if I thought the symptoms were getting easier because my body is getting used to the chemo. I agreed and said it might also be that I am drinking more water, eating better, resting more, etc then the first few cycles. It is hard to pin-point what it is but whatever it is ... I'm happier.

The only symptom that really gets me is the bad sleeps. I have woken up around 2:00 am or 3:00 am and have been up for hours. Generally falling asleep for short periods (1/2 hour) or falling asleep after being awake for a couple of hours. I end up feeling pretty good in the morning but I know it is due to the drugs. Tonight I finish my meds and tomorrow my energy level will go into the sewer. I generally don't blog too much during this part of the cycle because .... with a low energy level comes major mood swings. Sometimes the thoughts get very negative. I know I only have to get through a couple of days and nights and I start feeling better once again.

Next week, my schedule is purposely limited because the second week after treatment is where the fatigue is the greatest.

Well I do still have a bunch of energy and am going to take advantage of it ... fun stuff like laundry and ironing. I must say I enjoy it .... doing stuff. Makes me feel healthy and normal.

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