Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Neuropathy is Easing Up

D asked me today how my neuropathy was doing. “I think its ok’, I said. My fingers are pretty good. I’m knitting up a storm which means my fingers aren’t terribly sensitive and I have pretty good coordination. When I was on both Xeloda and Taxotere and I definitely had the dropsy’s and some serious sensitivity issues. And it was getting worse all the time. I’ve either adjusted for it or it’s just gotten that little bit better to make it ok enough for me. I’m thinking it’s the latter.

My feet are doing pretty good too. I don’t have the greatest feeling in my feet but they too have improved; so much so that I’m confident enough to wear sandals when going out. They still feel like they have a coat of wax on them and I know that feeling will never go away.

Last year I was so clumsy with my feet, I was afraid I’d fall by not wearing solid footwear so I wore shoes and runners the whole summer.

One thing I haven’t experienced in a long time is waking up to that tingling sensation in my hands and feet. That waking up regularly to the feeling of my hands or feet falling asleep. I don’t miss that weirdness one little bit.

Tho things seemed to have improved considerably, I still need to examine my feet and hands because I know the lack of proper feeling in them can bring. There is definitely the potential for me to miss getting wounded or something.

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Bernie said...

Daria, I have neuorpathy from my chemo and being a diabetic....I wish I could say mine is better, what do you think you have done to have made a difference....:-)Hugs