Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Best PICC Line Cover Ever

Last Friday when I was getting my PICC line redressed at the clinic, I was wearing my latest PICC line cover. The nurse noticed it and said … I love it, love it, love it. She also said, that I should patent it. I kind of giggled at that. Attached the pic.

It’s taken me far too many tries to get this thing right but I’m really close now. I’ve tried all sorts of yarns and needle sizes. First off, I was making them way too big. Second, what I’ve found with most yarns is that the yarn doesn’t hold its shape at all… the cover stretches out and slips down in no time.

Finally I came upon Cascade yarn, which is used for making socks. It’s the best; a 98.3% cotton blend, and 1.7% elastic. And it holds its shape really well.

So here’s what I’ve found that works best for me … for my arm size which is 11.5 inch in circumference, I cast on 44 stitches using 12 inch circular needles, size 3.5mm (US 4). It should always be a snug fit but not too tight.

If anyone is interested, I would be more than willing to share the pattern or any of the wisdom I’ve garnered, just send me a quick email.


Anonymous said...

Daria, your PICC line cover looks awesome! Kudo's to you for being so persistent in finding a solution that worked. I am afraid that I don't have that same "stick-to-it-iveness!" Like the nurse, I love it, love it, love it!

Dee said...

What a great idea. You should patent it.

Now if only you could come up with a cover/ tattoo for my chest port-o-cath.

Bernie said...

Like Dee I had a chest port-o-cath and in a way it made it easier to wear clothes or move around.
I love what you have done here, I think I told you before...so many ladies would love this.
Hope you are feeling well my friend.......:-) Hugs

Anonymous said...

I love it!!!

Anonymous said...

can you make me one to fit the pump on my abdomen lol? --jk ;0)