Thursday, May 7, 2009

Old-Fashioned Nose Bleed

I had been caring around a restaurant gift certificate for over a year and a half and last night, we decided to take advantage of it. The restaurant was East Side Marios in St Albert just 20 minutes away. We hadn't been to St Albert for a while and were surprised to see there is some major road construction going on ... overpasses and stuff. Change .... change ... change.

The food at the restaurant was good and it was nice to get out and about. We ordered a bit extra and now have a snack for later.

No nose bleed today but yesterday after my nose bleed, D decided to Google 'nose bleeds' to see what he could find. He said, "Did you know there are hundreds of types of nose bleeds?" ... I said .... just look up 'old-fashioned' nose bleed. "Nope. No such thing."

After reading a few comments left on the bottom of the site he turned to me and said .... "It says here you could have a pea or a crayon stuck up your nose. Do you?" ... very funny.

Today I'm feeling pretty good and will likely venture out and about.


Michelle said...

My daughter once put green Play Doh up her nose....made for interesting neon green snot but no nose bleed :)

Glad you feeling better


Anonymous said...

My niece put chocolate chips up her nose. Her mother called me in a panic, wondering what to do. As she panicked and I laughed, the chocolate chips melted - problem solved!

Nice that you got out last night. Judy from your quilting bee says Hi!

Lesa said...

Yahoo for the good days. :)

Sara Diana said...

my son put lego up his nose and nearly had to be sedated to get it out. Luckily the doctor managed to make him sneeze it out.