Monday, May 18, 2009

Ladies ... Don't Try And Gross Out Your Man

So I'm laying on my stomach in bed and D walks in and I say to him, I'm draining the puss out of the CVC hole in my chest ... and he says ... do you want a puss bowl ... ladies, don't try and gross out your man.

Seriously, it's a bit sore but the puss coming out is very minimal. I'll be taking to the oncologist tomorrow to see if there is a way to speed up healing on that CVC hole. I did received some suggestions from readers which I will asking about ... so thank you for that.

Today I'll be putting together my list of questions and comments for the oncologist and research nurse. It never fails, unless it's written down, I always forget to mention something or ask something that I wanted to.

Last time, I forget to discuss a new side effect of a side effect ... chemo gives me flu like symptoms which means I have full sinuses, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat and so on. I end up blowing my nose very often. Now my left ear pops the odd time when I blow my nose. I've always tried to be gentle when blowing because I know there is a chance of damaging my ear drum ... well I think I'm headed in that direction.

Because today is a holiday here in Canada, my appointments are pushed back one day. So oncologist visit tomorrow and chemo on Wednesday.

A week from today, I have to hand in a short case study for my Principles of Management course ... I figure I have good days till Friday.

I better stop procrastinating and get my butt in gear.


Arlene said...

Ha, ha. Love your sense of humor in the midst of all this. Sounds like D has a pretty good sense of humor as well.

Hope you enjoy your new course and that your chemo goes well this week.

Unknown said...

LOl - funny how many of them faint at the sight of blood - but are all.. ohhh and ahhh at puss - go figure. Glad it's healing up.
I hope you have a good holiday today. Hugs, Sarah

My Journey to Hope said...

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Unknown said...

the pus bowl- !!
we have a vomit bowl here but thats it- sending love daria, as always xx

Lesa said...

Oh Daria, I hope that heals soon. Sounds just aweful. Amazing what you can deal with when you must. My sinuses are still not back to normal since chemo. Shine on! Fight on!

Roxanne said...

Uh-Oh the Canadian holiday put us on different chemo days now. Guess I'll have to wait for the next holiday here to get back on your schedule. LOL. I loved today's post. Gives new meaning to the term "For better or for Worst".
Blessings to you on Wed.

Armand said...

How unbelievably shitty is it that we learn to organize life around "good weeks" and "bad weeks" as though it's normal?!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the onc tomorrow! So happy that your symptoms are easing somewhat.

Renee said...

Daria do you want a pus bowl. Gross. har har

Good luck this week sweet friend.


Reveda Prisha Umankshi Bhatt said...

Hi Daria- You have been tagged for "Honest Scrap Award" at my daughter's blog.....please visit there and take your tag...


Sara Diana said...

Hi Daria,
I have rhinitus, asthma & hayfever and in recent years they have been ok but since I have been on chemo I have bad problems with my nose, really sore! Can you take anything to ease it?

Sherry said...

Every good woman should have a pus bowl...I mean, really, where else are you gonna put the stuff?? And it's better out of you than in you, right?? :) Sounds like you've got a man with a good sense of humour...a must in a good mate!!

Hopefully you'll find some solution to this non-healing. Wishing you a good visit with the onc today!

Daria said...


I really haven't found much to help with the sore nose ... I use Vaseline petroleum jelly to moisten things up.

That is about it,