Thursday, May 21, 2009

Chemo Brain Here

Chemo brain here completely forgot to go to her class last night. I usually get chemo on Tuesdays but because of Monday was a holiday here in Canada, my chemo was on Wednesday. So is my class. I just didn't even think of it until this morning at 4:30 am. Oh well ... too late now.

Sleep was crazy last night ... up from 2:30 am till 5:00 am. The steroids do that to me.

The first thing I did when I got up at 8:00 am was to check on Ms Goose and her ducklings. I made it just in time to see mother goose and her ducklings leave the nest. Mother goose stood up and gently honked and they all waddled away to the side. How cute.

Shortly after that, I examined my PICC line with the Tegaderm dressing and I decided to call the Cancer Institute and have them change it back to dry dressing. I could see it was turning redder and more blotchy.

I wanted to thank my good friend Renee from Circling My Head for sending me some PICC line shower covers. They are plastic bags that have elastics sewn right into each end. I think they will be the cats meow. Renee thank you also for the little gifts you included in the envelope. I really appreciate you sending that out to me.

That should do it for today ...


Chubby Chieque said...

THis is my first time to visit your blogsite. Am so sorry to hear your agony.

I just done a hysterectomi due to risk of cancer. I know how it feel doing all those surgeries.

How I wish I could bring the good old days, for you.

Take it easy and GOD Bless You.

Sara Diana said...

Hi Daria,
This chemo brain is a pain! I completely forget peoples names or the names of things. My head is buzzing too through steroids, not good.

Roxanne said...

It just seems like our whole life revolves around that darn chemo. Sleep, no sleep, memory, no memory..... But, I sure loved reading about Ms. Goose. Blessings to you.

Jill said...

Daria..does chemo brain ever go away. Personally I think it does have an effect on you for quite awhile after chemo as well.
That was so nice of Renee to send you those covers. I have never heard of those before.
Take care and get some rest.
Hugs, Jill.

Kerry said...

I think chemo brain will go away however is proven fact it is real.
I was on Decadron which is a steroid when had radiation to the skull. Then Predisone when on chemo. I hate them both. I never slept well while on them. But I think the let down was harder off the Predisone . Just a hard drug although years ago these drugs now help the side effects . I use to think if this is help then who needs hell. Cause it was hard.

I was going to say. That there use to be something they put on the skin then a padding between the Tegaderm. They went to pediatrics to get it. But it helped the adhesive issue. I m going to look it up and let you know. Might be of help to with your PICC Line . I know they use it for that , different ports and g tubes as well.
Hugs praying you feel better

Anonymous said...

Yup, good old chemo brain! Even though I am not in chemo now, I swear I still have the after effects - or at least that is what I tell myself!

That was lovely of Renee to send you the PICC line shower covers - what a sweetie she is!

Renee said...

Kisses and hugs dear dear friend of mine.

And there are lots more sleeves where they come from.

Love Renee xoxoxo

Stephanie said...

I completely empathise. I struggle to know what day and even month it is sometimes. I think I was already a little bit like that (childbirth does eat a little bit of your brain, after all) but it's definitely worse.... It does mean that life is full of nice surprises though. "The weekend? How fabulous!" "Why wasn'y I told it was Spring?"
Be well

Lesa said...

Oh what a bummer on missing class. I am memory challenged since chemo. I feel so hairbrained at times. Maybe an Ativan on the nights you take the Decadron? Or Benadryl or both! I would get both during Taxol infusions. Hope you sleep better tonight :)

Tracey said...

Blooming Chemo Brain grrrrr.. 2 years on, i swear i still have it!

Hang in there kiddo xxx

Barry said...

I will be starting my first chemo on Tuesday at princess Margaret. So I'm delighted to find your blog.