Monday, March 16, 2009

Getting Back On Track

Well, we' re almost back to the regular routine ... I'm feeling like I can do a thing or two. Usually during the awful chemo weekend, my only goal is to get through it. I know that may be hard to understand for some but it really is a challenge for me. When I'm in the that 'awfulness', I really feel hopeless ... like it's really not worth it. So to get through it ... it is my only goal and any other issue that comes along pales in comparison. In other words, unless the house is burning down ... I'm not interested and could care less. Come to think of it ... even with a burning house ... someone would probably have to pull me out. It's unbelievable.

Anyways, I've had a shower, had something to eat, put in some laundry and I'm getting back on track. I opened the curtains to let some life into the living room. I've been living like a mushroom for the past few days. Unfortunately, coffee still tastes awful so we'll not be having any of that today.

I can tell my mood is improving because I'm thinking about what I have to take care of this week ... I'm looking forward ...


Arlene said...

Thank you for sharing how you feel during the awful chemo week. It helps others understand that you need all your energy to just get through it.

Glad to hear that you are starting to feel better. Remember how much better you feel today than yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are almost "back!" Can't wait to see you tomorrow and chatter away!

Sherry said...

Sometimes it's hard for people who have never had cancer to truly grasp how we feel...we may look "fine" on the outside, but it's what is happening on the inside that is truly "where" we are. When you consider the destruction that chemo carries out -- the poison of the medicine...our bodies can only cope with so much and chemo stripes everything down to the bone and more...add to that the psychological depletion...just getting through it as the best we can hope for. And all that we need to focus on -- it's just getting through the day in one piece that is the object...blessings to you as you are finding strength again this week.

Unknown said...

Daria - I love the fact that you tell it like it is!! I'm sorry you have to go through this! Hang in there and glad your perking up!!!
Hugs, Sarah

Renee said...

Oh Daria I know it so well.

I wish I didn't and I wish you didn't either.


Cheryl said...

Daria, I am so sorry that you have to endure such pain.
Praying for healing and wellness for you.

Unknown said...

I have a vague sense of what you
are experiencing- cave days i
call them.
am glad things are improving sweetheart xx