Monday, March 9, 2009

CT Scan Results

The scan showed the tumors have once again shrunk a bit. The doctor says she is happy with these results. The amount they shrank is less than in the past but that is to be expected.

The CT scan also showed a bit more fluid on the lungs. I mentioned to the oncologist I felt I was retaining more fluid ... especially on my ankles. The elastic part of my socks leave a quite an indentation on my legs. Back to my lungs ... the oncologists asked if I was coughing more and/or coughing something up. I said it was a dry cough and was very intermittent. We're just going to monitor these side effects. If they worsen ... we may have to quit the Taxotere chemo and only continue with the study drug. That is down the road and we'll worry about that should that become a reality.

At today's exam ... we did blood work, a urine test, a blood pressure check, and we checked oxygen saturation in my blood. All appeared normal.

Overall a good visit. I stopped at the pharmacy to pick up my meds. Tonight I start my steroids so sleep will be a challenge.

Speaking of steroids ... as I was waiting to go in for my blood work, there was another young gentleman there ... teenager age ... getting blood work. His mother was talking to another lady about his cancer ... she mentioned her son gained 60 lbs. from the steroids. WOW!

Chemo tomorrow ...


Michelle said...

That sounds like a fairly decent visit, as far as these things can be decent.

Sending you good stuff for tomorrow :0)

Unknown said...

sending love- the drs visit and results sound positive.blessed be xx

Anonymous said...

Yeah You! Good results - I am happy!
Good luck with the sleep tonight.

Renee said...

I am so happy Daria for you that is great news.

I am so sorry to hear about that Mom and her son, I fucking hate cancer.

I am glad though that the tumors are shrinking, that is great news.


Michelle said...

Hi Daria ~ Just wanted to stop in and say hi...thanks for visiting my blog!

I finished with my chemo two weeks ago...soooo glad to be done with steroids, too! I understand that whole sleep challenge thing.

Hope you have a good day!