Saturday, March 7, 2009

Day Light Savings Time

Spring forward ... fall back.

Tonight we switch our clocks forward one hour for day light savings time.

That means Spring is around the corner ... right ... not if you look out the window ... here in Edmonton. It's -10°C and snowing and blowing. The weather man said we should be seeing some drifting too ... not going to be a nice day weather wise. Next week the temperatures really drops.

Looks like March is going to be a cold month.

The only thing I really must do today is go out and get some milk ... otherwise, it is stay in and stay warm. I'm feeling real good so that is a bonus.


Michelle said...

I cant even imagine living in those sorts of temperatures!


Glad your feeling good!

Anonymous said...


Renee said...

Daria, good luck tomorrow.

Love Renee