Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Lymphedema Glove

Somewhere in March I ordered a custom lymphedema glove that came in and was ill fitting. It was too loose on the top … not enough compression.

Firstly, the reason I need a custom glove is that most gloves are tight at the wrist. I need a glove that flares out a bit at the wrist so that I don’t have the double compression from the overlap of the sleeve and the glove. 

Secondly, my hand tends to retain a lot of fluid. Most gloves I’ve tried cause the fluid to pool on the top of my hand. I need a glove with extra compression on the top. Well as promised, the manufacturer sewed in a filler patch on the top of this new glove. 

So far, I really like how it feels. I’ll let you know if it does the trick.


Anonymous said...

Id love to know if this works also!

Anonymous said...

why do you have to wear it..

Daria said...

Hi TaDa,

I have to wear it because I have lymphedema ... which is a build up of fluid in the hand and arm. It's often associated with breast cancer.

The conpression glove and sleeve I wear help to control the fluid buildup.