Saturday, April 10, 2010

New Glove and Compression Sleeve

When I went to pick my new custom fitted glove for my lymphedema arm up, I was a very disappointed that it was not a good fit. It was loose on the top of the hand and since this was where most of the fluid collects, I needed to get a better fit. 

While I was there, they phoned the manufacturer and agreed to sew another glove for free. 

Because my existing glove is wore out, I’m going to wear one glove over the other and see how that works out.


Levi said...

I once wrote a blog post about how the people who sew our compression garments seem to hate us from the results we get when we try on our garments. I know it doesn't make sense and doesn't seem nice to say that but I've had so many misfits and bad calculations and completely mis-sewn garments, I'd decided they dislike people with lymphedema. And after I made that decision, i felt better. haha
Good luck with this. It's such a process. Frustrating. Hopefully, your resewn garment will arrive in perfect size and condition.

Barry said...

What a shame, and what a careless mistake.

I hope they get it out to you right away.

Whidbey Woman said...

Do you still have hand and foot syndrome or nueropathy? Both are troublesome now for Ron. Trying bag balm and tylenol. Wishing you the best....