Thursday, January 13, 2011

BC Friends and Meals on Wheels

Yesterday was our breast cancer friends coffee group. I have to say, with the weather being so cold, the roads being so slippery and my energy being so low … I didn’t really feel like going. It just seems to be too much of an effort to do much of anything. Finally when D offered to drive me, I realized I couldn’t say no and I’m so glad I didn’t. Conversation wise I wasn’t very chatty but it sure was nice just to see the ladies. A, had made copies of our Christmas Party and Irm brought pictures of her sweet grandchild. Those pictures alone helped brighten the day.

After about an hour and half I decided that was enough of an outing for me so I called D to come pick me up. On our way home, we stopped at Meals and Wheels for a few different frozen samples. I’ve never tried them before but was desperate for a change in food. I am so done with takeout, packaged food, canned food … white rice, white bread, bananas and so on.

I ended up opening a packaged dinner for last night … it was a bit bland but maybe that is exactly what my stomach needs right now. The food went down real well with no digestive issues, however, I ended up get up numerous times for washroom breaks. I have to keep reminding myself … SMALL PORTIONS ONLY!!

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Bernie said...

Happy you were able to get out for a bit with your friends Daria. Meals on Wheels....I often wondered if the meals were good or not, probably wouldn't work for me since I joined Weigh Watchers. Keeping you in my prayers always.....:-) Hugs