Tuesday, January 11, 2011

CT Scan

Yesterday I had my CT scan. I was feeling a bit weak and nervous. My stomach was feeling bloated and I was worried I would not be able to drink the two liters of the contrast cocktail they wanted me to.

Well no sooner did I fill out the paper work, and change into a gown … my name was called. The next order of business was to get an IV. Two nurses and three pokes later, success! Off to the waiting room with my two liters of contrast cocktail. I had 45 minutes to drink it.

The place was pretty full so I got a chance to talk to a couple of fellow cancer patients. A young man and his wife were sitting there and were noticing everyone was getting warm blankets from the heater. It didn’t take long for them to figure that out, so as the wife get’s him a blanket, I said … a person sure does get cold after drinking that cocktail. He said you know I used to always be warm until I had my surgery and now I’m always cold … interesting I thought.

Anyways, as time went on, I continued to drink and drink and drink. The fluid felt like it was just sitting in my belly and not moving through the system. I kept looking at the garbage can beside me thinking that might be where these drinks were going to end up.

I was now an hour and half hour later and I was the last patient waiting for a scan. There was one other patient who needed some medical attention on a leaky surgery site. The nurses took her into another room to help her out.

While this was happening, I thought, well I’d better go to the washroom one more time hoping to empty my bladder and relieve some of the pressure to my abdomen. Well thank goodness I did go to the biffy because I ended up having a serious bout of diarrhea. As I came out of the washroom, I once again ran into the lady that needed the dressing changed.

She comes by, cane and all and says, have a nice day … in a very cheery upbeat voice. I said same to you. She noticed my cough and said is that a cold or cancer related. Cancer related. Oh she said that coughing sure can be sore on the ribs. I said it sure is. After a bit more chit chat … her last words to me were …

All the best to you and keep your head up high.


Laura Morefield said...

I really dislike the contrast stuff. My local CT place doesn't uses it anymore...just water. Of course, it may be different for colon cancer...who knows?

Bernie said...

Good advice from that lovely lady and I hope your cough is better. Stay warm dear lady....:-)Hugs