Friday, January 28, 2011

Daria’s Funeral Service

Yesterday was Daria’s funeral service. At the funeral home, the family gathered around in the eating area an hour before the start of her service. We spoke softly to each other and shed a few tears for Daria and for each other. The funeral director then took me to the chapel area to show me Daria’s urn, her large framed picture and flower arrangement.  I silently said oh Daria to her picture and cried and stayed a while. 

I didn’t notice walking in, I thought the place was empty, but there were two young ladies sitting in one of the pews. When I turned to leave, they both got up and tearfully introduced themselves and offered their condolences. I told them that I knew who they were. Daria had given both of them their start in their HR careers. Daria talked about them often, followed their progress and after leaving that job for another, they continued met regularly for dinner.

That was my Daria. Thank you to all those that came to Daria's service and offered their condolences to the family and myself.


Below is the link to the picture montage that was shown at her service. When you get there, click on Daria’s picture to start the series rolling.

or Google, Memories Funeral Home Edmonton AB

Daria’s Eulogy by her brother-in-law Peter

   Daria Maluta passed away January 22, 2011 at the age of forty-nine, two days before her fiftieth birthday. She will be sadly missed, but lovingly remembered by her husband Donald, her mother Jennie, her sisters Maria, Anne, Olga, Diane, and her brother Steve.  Daria had been predeceased by her father Roman Maluta in 2001.

    Daria was born on January 24, 1961, and grew up on the family farm near Glendon Alberta, where she attended school. Upon graduation from high school, Daria moved to Edmonton where she was employed by Canada Safeway for approximately twenty years. It was during this period she became interested in business management and human resource development. In 1995 she studied Front End Management offered by Cornell University, and in 1998 she studied Management Development offered by the Faculty of Extension at the University of Alberta.  

  During this period, Daria was also a member of Toastmasters International and regularly volunteered at the Youth Emergency Shelter in Edmonton. In 2003 after having been diagnosed with breast cancer, Daria continued her volunteer work and participated in a Cure for Cancer marathon held in Seattle Washington.

  In 2004, she began her studies towards a Human Resources Certificate, offered by the Faculty of Extension, at the University of Alberta. At this time Daria also decided to make a career change, and she was able to obtain employment with Edmonton Northlands with their Human Resources department. In 2007, Daria was hired by the Eveready Income Fund and employed as a Human Resources Generalist, she remained in this position until her illness caused her to retire.  

  However Daria refused to totally give up her studies in Human Resources and was able to obtain a Human Resources Management Diploma from Grant McEwan University in 2010, despite only being able to attend on a part-time basis while undergoing chemotherapy treatments for her illness.

    In 2000, Daria at the age of thirty-nine, was diagnosed with breast cancer. She endured radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery and was cancer free for eight years, at which point the cancer returned. After her chemotherapy treatments to try to force the cancer into remission, Daria volunteered to participate in the phase 1 clinical trials for the new experimental drug Brivanib, which it was hoped could help future cancer patients. 

  She became a spokesman and activist for those also suffering  from metastatic cancer, and traveled to our nation’s capital to speak to members of parliament about the need for greater cancer awareness and treatment. In this capacity, she set up her internet blog, ( Daria-Living with cancer.)  which allowed her to chronicle her treatment, share her feelings and inspire and encourage others around the world, suffering from this disease. 

 Closer to home Daria continued to volunteer and help others, through the Breast Cancer Network she provided counseling to others on a daily basis. Daria not only shared her busy life with her beloved husband Don  and her dog Daisy, she developed a worldwide network of friends through her blog and Facebook entries, who she continued to inspire daily.


The Dirty Pink Underbelly said...

Thank you Don, for sharing this with all of us.

Jill Ooms said...

Thank you Don. Daria will be sadly missed and remembered by all of her friends.

Sue Davies said...

Thank you Don for sharing this. A Truly inspirational lady.

Dee said...

Don, thank you for posting Daria's brother's eulogy. It was beautiful.

Robyn said...

Beautiful pictures and a wonderful eulogy. Thank you Don for sharing with us.

Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.

WhiteStone said...

Thank you for inviting Daria's blogger friends to read the eulogy and to see the photos. Daria was certainly very real to me as I read her daily notes for the past year and a half. Seeing the photos was a blessing to see a bit more into Daria's life.

God bless her family and friends with peace and love.

Servivorgirl said...


Daria has made a real difference in the world. I will miss her. God Bless you and I pray that with each day your sadness lightens and you can feel the sun's glorious rays once again. May God's peace and love lift you.

Bernie said...

A beautiful eulogy and such beautiful heart aches so much for you and her family as I know how much you loved her and most definitely will miss her as all of her friends will. She was such a special lady, I was so blessed to know her.....:-)Hugs

Joanie said...

Thank you for sharing the eulogy with us. Daria was one helluva fighter, right up to the end!! I'll miss reading her entries in her blog.

Ronni Gordon said...

Thank you for sharing this so that her blogger friends could see it too. I felt like I knew her through reading her blog and through her comments on mine. She was a wonderful person and will be sorely missed.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

I will miss Daria's thoughtful comments. What a wonderful person she was!

Rachel said...

I have just starting reading this blog, but please accept my condolensces. Thank you for posting such a lovely eulogy. Clearly Daria was an extraorinary woman.

Whidbey Woman said...

A beautiful, well-deserved tribute to an incredible lady. God bless you all.

Eileen said...

Thank you, Don - it was wonderful to get to know a little bit more about Daria's life-outside-of-cancer, and wonderful to see all those beautiful photos of her smiling face.

Daria was such a kind and thoughtful person; whenever I had a good thing happen she would send a celebratory comment, and whenever I had a bad experience she sent a personal note of sympathy, encouragement and support. This, in itself, was a huge gift - but it speaks of her great spirit that I know she did the same for many, many others. I know there were many of us who couldn't come to the memorial service in person, but we were there in spirit, as she has been there for us. She will be greatly missed.

Glynis said...

Such a generous spirit. Thank you Don, for sharing the eulogy and allowing us to 'be there' too. May you find strength and encouragement knowing Daria made an impact on many lives - mine included. Praying for peace in your heart. Daria's spirit lives on and no one can take away your precious memories. Bless you, Don. And thank you for remembering Daria's online family...

gillian said...

Thank you Don for sharing. Have read the eulogy and looked at the memorial page. I feel an emptiness and I knew Daria only from her blog. Will remember her always. Lots of love.

Servivorgirl said...

Thinking about Daria.

The Liz Army said...


I am sorry for your loss. Daria is truly an amazing person.


Anastasia said...

I just learned that Daria passed from reading this blog entry. I am sorry to hear that. Thank you for sharing with us about her life. Daria was a very friendly and kind fellow blogger. I really enjoyed hearing from her. God Bless.

nancyspoint said...

Don and Family,
Thank you for continuing to share Daria. She was an amazing woman in many ways, but you already know that. I am sorry for your loss and I do hope your many memories help you through the difficult days ahead. I don't want this to sound inappropriate, but I posted about Daria at nancyspoint a week or so ago. I tell you this because at some point you may like to read all the comments people left about Daria. Again, I'm sorry for you loss.

Dr. Swill said...


I am so sorry for your loss. Daria was a special Internet friend and I loved reading her posts and I will never forget her participation in a story I wrote on my blog when a fellow tongue cancer patient was nearing his end. She helped with an interview of this dying man helping to create an amazing story.

I know it seems strange that someone you've never met can affect you so deeply, but as I write this I stream tears. I took a long break away from blogging to try to live a normal life for awhile since I am still cancer free. As I returned to the web to catch up with all my cancer buddies, I sadly found that Daria was gone. I am so overwhelmed with grief.

Some cancer bloggers you look up to and they seem invincible though they have been through so much you gather strength knowing they have survived, It gives you a peace and strength knowing that you can survive also. Then when such a friend is lost, it brings for the terrible reality that we are not invincible and cancer does take lives sometimes without notice, while others take years.

Daria seemed to be a happy, caring, with a big heart. She must have been a wonderful wife and mother. I only wish I had the opportunity to meet her in person.

God Bless you and your family. I will deeply miss Daria's updates.

Brain Walin

Michelle said...

Daria helped me through some tough times with her words of support.
I am sorry for your loss.

She will always be remembered.


Anonymous said...

Dear Daria:

It hasn't been quite a month since we lost you here on Earth...but really missing you dear friend. Time will have to be the healer here I guess...miss talking to you on email at least every other day. Gosh my heart aches. When my parents passed on it hurt really badly...but this hurts somehow the same...but we used to have alot more interesting conversations. I do have lots of beautiful friends...but nobody like were one-of-a-kind. Miss you tons.

Servivorgirl said...

Dear Don,

I am thinking of Daria today. Hope you are OK.

Pateeta said...

Dear Don,

Daria has been on my mind today. She is sorely missed. I cannot imagine what you are going through, but I am praying for strength and peace for you.


Beth said...

Hi Don. I just looked today and saw she had passed. Wow, I'm so sad for you. Her blog and her comments to me were inspirational. I miss her. Since i went back to work a year ago, I have not kept up with my blog or my blogging friends, just checking in every few months. I am doing a 'challenge for life' walk in Winnipeg in June to raise money and awareness for all cancers. I would be honored to put her name on my shirt. Take care, Daria was a good soul.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you dear friend tonight.

Hillary St. Pierre said...

Daria was a powerful and inspiring force.She did so much to motivate other patients, like myself. I'm so sorry for the loss of such a wonderful woman, but I'm so happy to have become acquainted with her through her writing and what she accomplished while she was here.

Anonymous said...

Daria, it has been 7 months since you left us on Earth....never forget you my friend. You are always in our thoughts and hearts.
Love and Hugs,

ADB said...

I am remembering Daria today, on the eve of All Hallows, when we remember those that have gone on ahead. I remember Daria as a member of the J-land community, thinking of her courage in battling an implacable foe. I am sad she has gone, but pleased she is now beyond pain and suffering. Wishing all the family strength in continuing to cope with their irreparable loss.

Servivorgirl said...

I don't know if you will see this, but my heart is thinking about our Daria today. Peace and blessings to her family. I miss her.

Anonymous said...

Daria dear friend, thinking about you today and you are still teaching people after all these years. Love you, Your friends D and B

Anonymous said...

Dear Daria:

Miss you have been gone 4 years now but not forgotten. Approximately 187,000 hits on your remarkable are still teaching the world. Love and miss you.

Yours friends

Tamara M Slater said...

Dear Don,
Daria and I were cancer bloggers, we both shared links to our respective thoughts about overcoming cancer and how it changed us both. I have been off-line for a couple of years. I logged on tonight to my blog and checked Daria's site, only to learn of her death. My thoughts and prayers are with you even now four years after her passing. Thank you for posting a lasting tribute for us all to read and remember her. I loved the photos on the link at the funeral home. There were so many positive photographs that tell the story of a brave woman who had found love and contributed so much to life.

I know she is at peace. Much love to you,

Tamara Slater
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