Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Planning Things Takes More Effort

I’ve just come to the realization I’m putting way too much effort in planning my upcoming family visit. My sister and niece and two of her grade school kids are coming to town for a visit. They are only staying for 6 days but it all can’t be restaurant food so I thought I’d whip up a couple or three big bowl casseroles and freeze them in advance. I just don’t have it in me to put together a full meal all those days in a row. Besides, I’d rather spend time with them than time in the kitchen.

Anyways, what gets me is how long I thought about this and how early I’m getting going on it to pull this off. I just don’t have the energy to bang this off in a day and half like I used to. Even tho there is only two of us, I started making a list and cleaning up the whole house last week.

I told D, when company is here, each morning he is to put the coffee on first thing because I won’t have the energy to kick off the morning. Once I get a whiff of fresh brew, I’ll be more willing to drag my hini out of bed.

I’m so happy to be seeing the family again.


Bernie said...

Oh sweetie, your sister and nieces will not mind helping and I am sure they don't want you using your energy this way. They will cook and take care of you and enjoy every moment with you. I know as my sisters came when I was diagnosed and stayed all through treatment and believe me I didn't do very much. One sister from Scotland stayed with me 3 months and the other sister from New Brunswick stayed 9 months......It is wonderful to have family, they do give us a soft place to fall don't they......keeping you in my heart and prayers always....Hugs

Alli said...

Hi Daria
I also have company from the UK. I have a three year old here that is so active I get tired watching him. He is up at 5:30am already on the move. He is an only child and very spoiled... lol they give him choices of food he might like to eat mostly he says no and daddy runs out and gets him something.

I do tend to overdo things. I have been cooking all weekend....
I enjoy company but under better circumstances.