Thursday, September 10, 2009

Yesterday Was A Busy Day

Yesterday I started the day with a physiotherapy appointment at the Cross Cancer Clinic, the same day as my chemo. I remember making the appointment five weeks earlier saying make it a Wednesday because Tuesday I usually have chemo. Well it turned out I had chemo on Wednesday this time because Monday was a vacation day ... go figure.

The physiotherapist measured my lymphedema arm and said it was 10% smaller than that last appointment. This was quite an improvement but I have to mention that five weeks ago was week two of the cycle where my body was retaining the most fluid. Yesterday was just before chemo which meant the least amount of fluid retention ... we both agreed it has to do with fluid retention and is affected by my treatment.

She asked if I wore the sleeve everyday and whether there was any irritation caused by the sleeve. I told her that yes I wore it daily and it was not causing me any grief. The only issue we found is that fluid is collecting in my hand as the glove and the sleeve where causing a double compression at the wrist and wasn’t allowing the fluid to flow away. The physiotherapist has arranged for me to go to a medical supply store to get a custom glove that flares at the wrist and a similar sleeve to what was borrowed to me through the clinic.

If I remember it right, I am to come back and see the physiotherapist every four months for a couple of years and then once a year after that. She also recommended I replace the glove and sleeve every six months.

Regarding chemo ... my appointment was just before noon and went on for just short of four hours which made for a pretty long day. It was so busy in the chemo room that people where having their chemo started in the wait chairs and when a proper recliner chair or bed was available, they would get moved. Wow, there were people everywhere getting chemo. I was really lucky and got a bed right away.

I came home feeling tired and decided to take it easy for the remainder of the day.


Beth said...

I can't imagine the chemo room being that busy - I wouldn't be too comfortable starting in the waiting room!

nollyposh said...


Renee said...

What a long day Daria.


Anonymous said...

Hi Daria
Goes to show you how busy they are..starting chemo in waiting room...sad but a fact.
Unfortunately chemo days are long days.....
Hugs to you
Stay well

Roxanne said...

Boy what an overwhelming day!! Now you need 3 days to recover. Rest up so you can enjoy your weekend:)

Sherry said...

I just love that while one "fix" can create another "problem", even that problem can be fixed...and that's wonderful that the swelling had gone down...even if it was the time in the chemo's just good to know that it isn't going to stay swollen permanently!