Thursday, September 17, 2009

Food Just Ain't Fun Anymore

Yesterday was an alright day ... I stopped at the clinic for my weekly PICC line dressing change. The place was busy as ever. I stopped at the cafeteria to pick up a couple of cinnamon buns to take home for D and myself. They are usually pretty good but because my taste buds are off, I not only didn't enjoy it but my stomach felt overloaded afterwards.

Food has been a great friend of mine. I have always loved to eat and it has always given me a real satisfying feeling. Pre-cancer, first thing in the morning, I used to jump out of bed and have something to eat. That was priority. I used to always looked forward to the next meal. That is no longer the case. Now it seems I eat because my stomach says I’m hunger.

This being week two of the cycle which for me is the worst as far as taste buds go and stomach issues go. My eating regiment has included a fruit or some yogurt for breakfast and usually I go out for a simple sandwich. I really have to think about what I want to eat because sometimes I'll get something and it just tastes bad to me. Something as simple as bread can taste bad in my mouth. My favs at home are strawberry yogurt, cottage cheese and bananas. Coffee is awful right now. I just can’t really stomach much of anything in the fridge. It just turns me off.

I also find that my stomach tends to be highly reactive to what I eat. If my stomach doesn’t like it ... it just goes right through me.

These days ... food doesn’t give me the satisfying feeling it once did ... which kind of sucks.


Dawn said...

I can totally relate in terms of my mom.

Jill said...

Lots of fresh fruit is out there right now Daria and yogurt is healthy for you as well. Enjoy these while you can.I lived a lot on that this time last year through chemo. Popsicles I ate a lot of and now I still crave the darned things,lol.
I hope you get some taste back soon.

Sherry said...

There are so many things we lose when we have chemo. And when it's something like food and we love our food, that really hurts. You anticipate something (like a cinnamon bun!!!) and it doesn't taste right or sits like a lump (I remember the lump feeling so well). We realize just how much we give up.

Sounds like what you can eat is good -- good for you too. But there's no doubt, when something doesn't taste right it's just disappointing.

Here's to better days and on those that foods you love actually taste like they should!! ♥

Glynis said...

Listen to your body but like Jill said, keep that fresh fruit as a priority and good on you for digging into the yogurt. Can you stomach a banana? Great potassium and the combination of banana and yogurt helps to rebuild the normal flora in the gut. Sorry...that's my medical background creeping in and my own experience. Hang in there girl. You will get through this. A little bit of what you fancy does you sweet (late) Mom's philosophy!

Anonymous said...


I remember well a "metal" taste in my mouth when I was going through chemo. One time I told my husband at a pizza joint that I was convinced that a chemical had spilled on my pizza.

I am sorry to hear you are experiencing this. I am still praying and thinking of you often. You are such an inspiration. Love from a cancer sister,

Kerry Osborne

Anonymous said...

Hi Daria
I know how you feel, its a terrible thing not tasting food, I was like that for many months.
I hope this goes away soon
Try finding something that you can enjoy

TNBCAmazon said...

Hi Daria,
Not being able to enjoy food any more really sucks... Hang on in there, girl!

whidbeywoman said...

Have you talked to the Dietician at your clinic? They may have some ideas for you. Ron had this problem...because he couldn't taste food, he didn't enjoy it. So, he started losing weight. It's really important to keep your nutrition up. So, you might want to tell your dr. about this problem. Sending my love across cyberspace....

Anonymous said...

i'm feeling rather sad after reading this post and i'm almost feeling guilty eating knowing that you aren't able to enjoy eating your food as you used to do