Wednesday, September 30, 2009

CT Scan Today

I go back to the clinic today for my CT scan. I won’t get the results until my next oncologist visit in about three weeks. I’m not anxious enough to go and get them earlier.

On my last visit with the oncologist on Monday, I asked about H1N1 shots once again. This time she had some information. This year for the first time, the clinic will be offering free shots to the cancer patients.

Her first statement to me was that H1N1 could kill me. I was a bit shocked at what she said ... like I thought; did she really just say that to me? It was a bit of a reality check.

We then discussed the H1N1 shot. How the shot works ... a person needs 10 days for the vaccine to become effective. In my particular situation, because I’m on chemo, I can only get the shot after my blood work shows I’ve recovered from the last chemo treatment.

The big issue is that there isn’t 10 days between the blood work and the next chemo treatment. I get the blood work one day and chemo the next. If I get the shot and chemo the next day, the H1N1 vaccination is destroyed in my body by the chemo. It would not have time to immunize me properly and therefore making the vaccination ineffective.

My doctor does not recommend I delay chemo for the H1N1 flu shot because of the risk of my cancer growing. I was on the fence about getting the H1N1 shot and leaning to not getting it … so I guess that solves my problem … no flu shots for me.


Sherry said...

Weighing the pros and have to be so careful what you choose. I'm glad you have a doctor who can advise you -- a doctor whose advice you trust. Sending you positive prayers for the CT Scan.

Debby said...

I just found out today that I've been exposed to it.

Really? They said it could kill you? I wonder how long it takes until your immune system is full strength again? Any answers out there?

Daria said...

Debby, I think it's best to ask your doctor about your own situation.

I'm under active treatment where at times I don't have an immune system.

Tina said...

hmmm, wonder what my onc. will say. I have problems with low blood counts too after chemo. My nurse told me my family should get the flu shot also, but my 21 yr. old daughter said no way! lol

Anonymous said...

Daria, I hope all goes well with your CT scan.

nollyposh said...

Hmmm i've heard about this X:-/

Karen said...

Hope the CT Scan went well yesterday. You have such a great attitude of acceptance about waiting three weeks for the results. I'll be praying for you.

Thanks for the H1N1 info. I'll add that to the list of questions that I have for my oncologist...

Renee said...

I am hoping for good results and I totally understand the not even caring to know until they tell us.

Love Renee xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi Daria,
Thanks for the comment on my blog, I really appreciated it.
I wanted to say that before I had my Chemo treatment yesterday, I talked to my Oncologist about a flu shot. He said it was fine for me to have one as long it is on my off week. He was also more concerned about me getting the regular flu shot not the h1n1. He said more people die from the regular flu each year as compared to the h1n1 virus. He wasn't sure why everyone is more concerned about h1n1 when the reg. flu is killing more.
I hope for the best for you and my prayers are with you always. I believe your CT scan will come back fine. God Bless you, Bill