Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Proclamation Ceremony at City Hall

Wednesday was going to be another exciting day. We all met at City Hall to watch the proclamation ceremony ... to see Larry O’Brien, Mayor of Ottawa, proclaim October 13 as Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day. 

As we were sitting around chatting and waiting for the meeting to start, the Mayor came around to chat and shake hands with some of the visitors. That was very cool because I was one of them.

So this is what was appeared in the City Council Updates for October 6th

October 13 is Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day

Mayor Larry O’Brien today declared October 13, 2010 as Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day in the City of Ottawa. The Mayor presented Ms. Dianne Hartling, Treasurer of the Canadian Breast Cancer Network, with a framed proclamation.

In metastatic breast cancer, also known as advanced, secondary or Stage IV breast cancer, cancerous cells spread to areas of the body other than where the cancer first formed, often with increased severity. Breast cancer cells can spread to almost any part of the body but most commonly to the bones. Other common sites include the lungs, liver, brain and skin. The new cancer is called a metastasis.

The Canadian Breast Cancer Network, which advocates for the improvement of services and access to optimal care for breast cancer patients, is the national link between all groups and individuals concerned about breast cancer. It is the only national survivor-driven and survivor-focused breast cancer organization in Canada with more than 225 partner and member groups across the country.

Ms. Hartling, a longtime committed volunteer for breast cancer causes, is a breast cancer survivor.


Bernie said...

This day sounds lovely Daria.
Happy Thanksgiving my friend...Hugs

The Dirty Pink Underbelly said...

Yea for Ottowa!

Erin said...

Dear Daria,
My husband and I walked in the Susan G Komen Race last Saturday. You are on my list of breast cancer survivors that I remember. Our daughter died of SARCOMA last year, but we are going to participate in every cancer walk. Because all cancer sucks.